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View of Alaska Tactical shooting range with class in session.

Learn to run and gun at an Alaska Tactical & Security Shooting Clinic.

If you’re a reasonably skilled shooter, but you’re new to competitive shooting, join one of our shooting clinics. They’re designed to be safe, fun, challenging and educational. Our experienced team members assess your ability and help you develop the skills you need to get up to speed.

At this stage, our events are one-gun only. This means rimfire handguns, centrefire handguns, rimfire rifles, and pistol-caliber carbines are suitable, but not bottle-necked cartridges or tubular magazines. Please note we do also have ammunition restrictions in place for safety. This means no steel-jacketed, penetrator, incendiary or tracer ammunition is allowed at our shooting clinics.

Our instructors will help you develop the marksmanship skills and cardiovascular fitness you need to reach the next level, so you can prepare to face some of Alaska’s finest competitors.

Stay tuned as we plan to offer two-gun and three-gun clinics soon.



Proctor Pistol Process – Frank Proctor
June 12-13
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2 Day RDS Instructor Course – Scott Jedlinski
August 3-4
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We Look Forward to Seeing You at the Range