Miscellaneous Classes

All classes listed below require the following in addition to specifics contained in the class descriptions:

  • -Good attitude
  • -Appropriate clothing for classroom training
  • -Completed Application for Training
  • -Safety glasses

Dry Fire Training $35

This is approximately a 1 hour training course to review safety procedures, mindset, presentation of the handgun, reloading procedures, and malfunctions. Students must have successfully completed the Defensive Handgun Course – Level I or Ladies Only.

Required Equipment:

  • -Your 9mm/38 Special or larger caliber semi auto handgun or revolver
  • -Strong-side, outside the pant good QUALITY hip holster
  • -Magazine pouch, and a minimum of 3 magazines (Double mag pouch preferred)
  • -Bring a minimum 12 – 15 rounds of dummy rounds

Firearms Maintenance Class $75

This is approximately a 1 hour course to educate the participant on proper disassembly and reassembly, field stripping, cleaning procedures, proper lubrication/maintenance, and function test after reassembly of the handgun.


  • -Your 9mm/38 Special or larger caliber semi auto handgun or revolver
  • -Participant must provide caliber of the handgun they will be bringing so cleaning kit can be tailored for their handgun
  • -Note it on Application for Training
  • -No substitutions
  • -Take away “cleaning kit” will be provided by Alaska Tactical
  • -Included in course cost


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